California Equipment Appraisal

California is the most populated state in the United States and is ranked third in land mass. California’s economy is bigger than that of most countries, and this economy requires lots of equipment appraisals.

California farming

Agriculture: Agriculture is a big part of California’s economy. It is a top producer of crops including oranges, grapes, lettuce, and tomatoes.

With so much productive agriculture land, equipment appraisers are often called in to appraise farm equipment. This can be as simple as a farm truck or John Deere tractor. It can also include larger machinery including conveyer belt systems.

Manufacturing: Nearly 10% of workers in California work in manufacturing. Some of this is hi-tech, requiring equipment appraisers to value equipment used for computer and electronics production.

Construction: California is booming. Nearly one in 20 workers are in construction. Commonly appraised construction equipment includes cranes, dump trucks, concrete trucks and construction elevators.

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