Texas Equipment Appraisal

Texas is a busy state for equipment appraisals.

It’s the second largest state both by land size and population and much of that land is rural. Combine that with the oil business, and equipment appraisals in Texas are quite varied.

Texas is a busy state for equipment appraisals, including oil equipment.

Some popular equipment and machinery appraisal requests in Texas include:

Farm equipment: Texas has more farms than any other state. According to the Texas Department of Agriculture, there are 248,800 farms and ranches covering 130.2 million acres. One out of every 7 working Texans are in an agriculture-related field.

As a result, Texas is a top state when it comes to farm equipment appraisals. This includes John Deere tractors, cultivators, conveyer belts, hay balers, backhoes and forklifts.

Oilfield equipment: With Barnett Shale, Eagle Ford Shale and the Permian Basin, Texas is a major producer of oil and gas. It also has extensive refinery options in Houston.

Both upstream and downstream oil and gas machinery can be appraised. Texas is one of the top states for appraisal of oil and gas equipment.

Semi trucks/tractor trailers: I-35, “the NAFTA highway”, begins its U.S. journey in Texas. It’s a big state for trucking and a big state for semi truck insurance claims. Such claims often involve an appraisal from an equipment appraiser.

Equipment appraisals in Texas are not limited to these items, but they are some of the most common types of equipment appraisals in Texas.

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